Her Texas Ranger

But this morning, before all of this happened, I had decided to tell you that I couldn't live without you, that I would go with you to Texas, no matter what. Please believe me.” Bending his head, he pressed several kisses along her ...

Her Texas Ranger

LOVE ON THE RANGE With nerves of steel and a physique to match, Seth Ketchum took his job as a Texas Ranger very seriously. When he returned to his family ranch to investigate a murder, he was all business—until he encountered Corinna Dawson, the beauty who had mesmerized him since high school. Determined to discover true love, Corinna instead found herself a single mother with her heart in tatters. Once Seth unexpectedly reentered her life, everything changed—except for the old insecurities that had kept them apart for two decades. But it might be time for them to jump into the saddle of true love….

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