The Sooner The Better

It wastoo late,the moment hadgone along with her nerve. ... the situation outof your hands and you can rest easy the matter isbeing looked into,' Patsaidto hera short while later. ... Thesooner the better, as far asPat was concerned.

The Sooner The Better

When you've been waiting fifteen years for a proposal, what do you do when your intended marries someone else? The Sooner the Better is an unforgettable tale from much-loved saga writer, Lynda Page. Perfect for fans of Daisy Styles and Kate Thompson. Isobel Jenkins has spent the last fifteen years caring for Lawrence Clayton's cantankerous mother, in the knowledge that once the old lady passes away, Lawrence will be free to marry her. However, Izzie is mortified to discover that Lawrence has been deceiving her, and when he flaunts his new bride, she decides enough is enough. But how can she start afresh? Izzie could never have predicted that helping an elderly lady find her way back to her residential home would provide the answer. The owner of the home, Mrs Johnson, instantly recognises Izzie's worth and, in need of an extra pair of hands, offers her a job. Izzie soon attracts the admiration of one of the young doctors - if only she could forget her past experience. But not everyone is what they seem, and there are those in the establishment who are using the atmosphere of openness and trust to their own advantage... What readers are saying about The Sooner the Better: 'A brilliant story, as always. Very enjoyable... Perfect by the pool!' 'Lovely story as always. Really brings the characters to life - five stars'

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