The Long Road to Goodbye

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The Long Road to Goodbye

After nearly 50 years in the Methodist pastorate, Floyd and Wilma Fought eagerly anticipated their retirement. They dreamed of travel, leisurely days, long walks, and visits from grandchildren. Then Wilma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The Long Road to Goodbye: Our Journey with Alzheimer's recounts Floyd's experience with Wilma, from the moment they discovered her illness until the day she received "full healing" by graduating to heaven. But rather than just a memoir, this book is part instruction manual, part devotional guide-and a major inspiration to anyone caring for a terminally ill loved one. Early on, Floyd decided to be Wilma's 24/7 caregiver in an effort to avoid institutionalizing her. Using creativity and improvisation, he took on the duties of housekeeper, launderer, seamstress, beautician, chef, and nurse. As the disease progressed, Floyd realized how critical his choice was, not only for Wilma's comfort but also for his own peace of mind. While she benefited from his compassion, he gained a deeper love for his wife and a richer understanding of his faith. Whether you are a caregiver, a loving spouse, or simply a Christian looking to strengthen your bond with the Lord, this book will motivate you to seek God's will and trust Him in all situations. Join Floyd Fought as he takes you on "The Long Road to Goodbye."

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