What Would Bubba Do Birch Clump Village Reader 5

The Letter of St. James was bound as a small print book and it now hung next to his heart in the leather medicine bag that once belonged to the great Grandfather Deacon Job, the wisest man that ever walked in the northern Great Lakes ...

What Would Bubba Do  Birch Clump Village Reader 5

Short stories on our favorite villagers continue. 29 year old T. Douglas found the father who left home the day he was born. Nora vies for his favor at the family reunion, while Neil tries to pick a fight with him in 1979. Douglas reminisces his two year ordeal dodging the high school bully (1965-67). Randy finds out his adoptive father is an illegal alien. Dean's antics back fire as he strives for his first diver's license. The author tells the true story of when he ran the US/Canadian border. Things get hairy when Jig and Jason are held at gun point in a case of mistaken identity by drug mob enforcers who need no witnesses. Olive, a six-foot-three girls' high school varsity pole vaulter falls for 5' 11" Douglas (at age 16) after witnessing his fight at a Church Youth Group picnic. Ethnic, racial and religious biases, tolerance and acceptance are interwoven in Bubba Junior's investigation of Birch Clump Village history. Bubba is a virtual orphan from a highly dysfunctional family taken under wing by Sarge.

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